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Idol Thoughts: Miss Mollie Tov

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Miss Mollie Tov has made it to Miss Pinup New Zealand!  
MPUNZ is part of the Very Vintage Day Out at Alexandra Park Raceway, Auckland. APR. 9.  Tickets can be purchased from 
Click the image below to vote for Miss Mollie Tov!

We asked her a few questions about her pinup journey so far and her inspiration.
How did you react when you found out you were a finalist in MPUNZ?
 As I wasn't entirely convinced that I would make it through to the finals (as you don't know who is entering most of the time) and in our wonderful community there are plenty of sassy ladies who I am in awe of and could have been chosen before me, so my very first feeling was disbelief- then shock, and then excitement in somewhat rapid succession!  Now I'm in full panic mode trying to organise everything; posters & social media banners, sponsors to help with some of the costs, media interviews and fine-tuning all the bits and bobs that I want for each section.
Where did your pinup journey begin?
In all honesty, I am not sure.  I have had a love of vintage styling, the glitz and glamour of the 40's & 50's and old Hollywood from such a young age.  As a child I always wanted to be a Pink Lady just like Rizzo or Marty in Grease and I'm not going to lie - I still want Frenchie's pineapple dress!
I think I truly started on my pinup journey in 2013 when I met Lady Kittyhawk at a Burlesque show. From there I started doing burlesque and as I got to know the ladies a bit better they started to show me where and how I could indulge in my love of vintage!
I started to get a lot of my confidence back and felt more comfortable within myself. I found myself dressing in a pinup or vintage style more and more, and have now been dressing in this fashion on a daily basis for the last 2 years. The hair styles took a good 2 and-a-half-years to get them to work! Especially victory rolls, and now I can do them for work and still only take 30 mins in the morning to get ready and be out the door. So ladies, if you are having trouble with your hair, practice is the key, I used to sit for hours in front of a mirror with my arms above my head practicing hair and make up - it is totally worth the achy muscles and I still play around in the weekends with hairstyles I haven't tried or  have struggled with and want to wear. 
Attending Pinup Bootcamp in 2014 allowed me to learn some amazing things from the Ladies I view as New Zealand's top Pinups; Miss Victory Violet, Honey L'Amour, Von Vonski and Miss La Vida, as well as getting the opportunity to work with an incredible photographer!  I had always wanted to do a photo shoot with Miss T Pinups. So if you do get the opportunity to attend one go for it!  It will change your life.
Who have you worked with that was inspiring, and what did they teach you?
I have so many inspiring and wonderful friends in my life that have taught me so much!  It's hard to narrow it down. 
The biggest influence I have had is my dear friend and mentor Lady Kitty Hawk. She has supported and pushed me since the day I first met her and stepped into her Burlesque class.  She was the one who put me on the track to enter Miss Pinup New Zealand in 2014 at the Very Vintage Day Out.  She said to me, "You need to enter next year" (meaning 2015) and I still had no idea what was involved so I checked it out and went from there!  Two years later,  I am doing something I never thought I would have the courage to do - be a finalist in Miss Pinup New Zealand 2016. 
Another great influence has been the Sweet Painted Lady, from her I have learnt a huge amount of make up tricks; from contouring for my face shape, to having the correct tools to work with (which makes a huge difference as I have found out!) as well as giving me a different perspective on a vintage lifestyle. Both  of these women are amazing and I love learning from them and am blessed to have them in my life.
Miss Kittyhawk on the cover of Tempo
What would you do with more exposure as a role model for women?
For me the thing that I love doing the most is helping people. I want to start teaching and inspiring women in how to love themselves, believe in themselves and be confident in a world were we are constantly being pulled down and beaten by harsh words and keyboard warriors. I also want to look at helping up and coming pinup's with their journey, the way I have had my wonderful mentors backing me all the way and believing in me, as I truly believe that women should be helping and empowering not tearing each other down.  It makes me sad to see these things happen, life is not a competition.  Everyone is unique and different and should be celebrated for just being who they are. Being a social person I'll look at holding events and workshops as well as trying to keep my blog updated as much as my social media pages on Instagram & Facebook - i'll just see how it all goes <3 <3 

Miss Mollie Tov xx
If you're in the Waikato - head on down to Frankton this weekend and catch this pinup in action

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